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Super K Sharpening

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Affordable & Reliable Care For Your Blades. Based in Austin, Texas and servicing the surrounding areas.

SKS offers the very best in blade sharpening. Accompanied with experience and knowledge your knives are in good hands using precision, proper techniques and professional sharpening equipment.

We strive for a high-quality of service. Originating from a passion of knives our goal is dedicated with the attention to detail.


Sharpen Dull Blades
Minor Chip & Ding Repair
Setup Reoccurring Upkeep

Cooking Cutlery
Pocket Knives

Reliable Servicing
Dependable Work
Quality Care & Handling



The sharpening process can involve a hybrid approach. The tool systems predominately used are the KME Sharpener & Wicked Edge Gen 3 Pro accompanied with Diamond Stones.



A: Have you been gradually needing to add more pressure when cutting instead of slicing cleanly through them? If you need to put any muscle behind it, then it’s most likely time to bring your knives in for maintenance.
A: Contact us for prices.
A: Unfortunately, at this time I am unable to sharpen any serrated blades.
A: Contact us and let's discuss further. There may be an alternative way to sharpen or a different option for finding what your blade needs.
A: Contact us for setting up convenient scheduling.
A: Many knife owners realize their anticipated savings didn't add up. Without the proper equipment it's more likely to run into (problems) such as inconsistent edge quality, lengthy sharpening time and possible injury. So, remove that chore from your responsibility and let Super K "cut in" here.
A: Call us for information.


Super K Sharpening
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